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Table 3 Putative neuropeptide precursors induced by WSSV in the hemocytes transcriptome of L. vannamei

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals the activation of neuroendocrine-immune system in shrimp hemocytes at the early stage of WSSV infection

Gene ID Description Size(bp)/ (aa) Species E-value Ident Accession
Unigene0020648 Allatostatin A 3570/620 Panulirus interruptus 9e-176 52% BAF64528.1
Unigene0002365 Allatostatin B 1347/332 Scylla paramamosain 6e-89 54% ALQ28584.1
Unigene0022818 Allatostatin C 1158/139 Scylla paramamosain 2e-29 47% ALQ28578.1
Unigene0028974 Allatostatin CC 1387/73 Cherax quadricarinatus 1e-28 75% AWK57504.1
Unigene0018310 Allatostatin CCC 773/105 Cherax quadricarinatus 1e-56 79% AWK57503.1
Unigene0025940 Bursicon-α 1211/142 Penaeus monodon 5e-95 96% AKJ74864.1
Unigene0026844 Bursicon-β 1119/145 Penaeus monodon 5e-100 99% ALO17552.1
Unigene0057574 Calcitonin-like diuretic hormone 1235/154 Homarus americanus 3e-63 91% CX46386.1
Unigene0039878 Crustacean cardioactive peptide 1195/139 Penaeus monodon 2e-97 100% ALP06206.1
Unigene0049442 Glycoprotein hormone β5 436/80* Penaeus monodon 1e-46 100% ALO17559.1
Unigene0032916 ITG-like peptide 2715/199 Cryptotermes secundus 3e-56 52% XP_023703406.1
Unigene0004333 Kinin 1224/147* Scylla paramamosain 1e-32 61% ALQ28594.1
Unigene0029204 Myosuppressin 796/99 Homarus americanus 6e-39 68% ACX46385.1
Unigene0024101 Neuroparsin 2 850/99 Cherax quadricarinatus 7e-32 58% AWK57531.1
Unigene0057187 Neuropeptide F I 1183/90 Penaeus vannamei 6e-58 100% AEC12204.1
Unigene0056553 Short neuropeptide F 596/129 Cherax quadricarinatus 2e-54 66% AWK57543.1
Unigene0020284 SIFamide 1619/76 Procambarus clarkii 4e-30 80% Q867W1.1
Unigene0024954 Tachykinin A 1251/181 Panulirus interruptus 1e-74 56% BAD06362.1
  1. Note: incomplete precursors are marked by asterisk (*)