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Fig. 1

From: Relative effects of location relative to the corpus luteum and lactation on the transcriptome of the bovine oviduct epithelium

Fig. 1

a Comparisons of animals and tissues performed in the RNAseq data analyses. All tissues were collected at Day 3 after estrus synchronization. Vertical arrows indicate comparisons between metabolic groups (heifer/lactating/non-lactating) in one given oviductal tissue (ampulla or isthmus) ipsilateral to the corpus luteum. Horizontal arrows indicate comparisons between ipsilateral and contralateral ampulla or isthmus in each metabolic model. b Serum progesterone concentrations (means ± SEM) in Holstein heifers and age-matched postpartum non-lactating (dry) and lactating cows at the time of oviduct tissue collection on Day 3 after synchronized estrus

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