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Fig. 6

From: Relative effects of location relative to the corpus luteum and lactation on the transcriptome of the bovine oviduct epithelium

Fig. 6

Total number and top-20 (according to fold change) differentially expressed genes (DEGs) identified between ipsilateral and contralateral ampullas in heifers, non-lactating and lactating cows on Day 3 of the estrous cycle. DEGs upregulated in the ampulla ipsilateral to the corpus luteum (CL) (or downregulated in the contralateral side) are listed on the left. DEGs upregulated in the ampulla contralateral to the CL (or downregulated in the ipsilateral side) are listed on the right. Genes in red and blur are shared by the three metabolic groups, and heifers and non-lactating cows, respectively

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