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Table 3 Mutations associated with resistance to enrofloxacin in strains with a previously acquired resistance to amoxicillin, kanamycin, or tetracycline

From: Effects of a previously selected antibiotic resistance on mutations acquired during development of a second resistance in Escherichia coli

Gene product Gene Mutation Pop. frequency Strains
Multidrug efflux pump membrane fusion lipoprotein/transcriptional regulator acrA/acrR* 5′ UTR (Del 485,695–711) 1 T1/3
Transcriptional regulator acrR Del 485,885–11 (FS42) 1 A3/4, K1/4, T2/3
Aconitate hydratase B/2-methylisocitrate dehydratase acnB G362 V, Del L363-V865 1 T1/3
Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase ahpC Del F38 0.40–1 A2/4, T1/3
Crotonobetainyl-CoA reductase caiA C154A, F155P, I156T, T157P, S158R, S159 T, A160S, Y161W, Del T162-R380 1 A2/4, T1/4
ATP-dependent helicase dinG Del Q641-R716 0.89 A1/4
Glutamate synthase subunit gltB 5′ UTR (C3354487T) 1 K1/4, T2/3
DNA gyrase subunit A gyrA S83 L 1 A4/4, E1/4, T3/3
D87G 1 A3/4, K2/4, T1/3
D87N 1 K2/4, T2/3
Branched chain amino acid/phenylalanine ABC transporter membrane subunit livF G239F 0.87 T1/4
Mismatch repair protein mutL W390 L 0.09–0.14 K1/4, T2/3
Phosphorelay protein npr L23R 1 T1/3
Phenylacetate degradation protein paaD A8S 1 T1/3
Putative 2,3-dehydroadipyl-CoA hydratase paaF V35 L 1 T1/3
DNA topoisomerase IV subunit A parC S80R 0.94–1 A3/4, K4/4, T3/3
DNA topoisomerase IV subunit B parE Ins Q458 0.97–1 A3/4, K2/4, T2/3
E459Q 0.03 A1/4
S425P 0.81 K2/4
Ins S after A457 0.95 T1/3
tRNA-Phe pheU 5′ UTR (G4362633 T) 1 K1/4
Cryptic proline/histidine transporter proY A235S 1 A3/4, K1/4, T2/3
Pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase subunit β ptnB V434 V 0.57 K1/4
Phosphate acetyltransferase pta Del T431-Q714 0.56 K1/4
Sensory histidine kinase rcsC E44K 1 K2/4
Truncated RNase PH rph Del R676 1 A2/4, T1/3
S10 subunit of 30S rpsJ 5′ UTR (G3453306 T) 1 K1/4, T2/3
Bifunctional (p) ppGpp synthase/hydrolase spoT Ins C after T3815879 (FS223) 1 A2/4, T1/4
Transcriptional regulator soxR T113S, del 4,277,899–903 (FS14) 1 A3/4, K1/4, T1/3
Ins G136 0.15 K1/4
L139F, del T after C4277882 0.85 K1/4
A146E 1 K1/4
Del R139-N154 1 K1/4
Succinyl-CoA synthetase subunit β sucC Del A218-N221 0.51 K1/4
DNA-binding transcriptional activator ybaO T33P 1 T1/4
Putative RNA binding protein yciO N64Y 1 A1/4
Putative transport protein/Putative inner membrane protein ybjL/ybjM * 5′ UTR (A889923G) 1 A3/4, K1/4, T2/3
  1. Del = deletion, Ins = insertion, underlined letters and numbers indicate nucleotides and their genomic position, * indicates that mutation could affect either gene. Population frequency indicates the mutational frequency in the sequenced population. Strains indicates the prevalence of a mutation within different replicates. E: population with previously acquired resistance to enrofloxacin, K: population with previously acquired resistance to kanamycin, T: population with previously acquired resistance to tetracycline. X/Y: X indicates number of replicates with particular mutation, Y indicates total number of replicates that were sequenced. Mutations associated with resistance in a wild-type background are shown in bold. Mutations associated with the previous resistance have been omitted from the table