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Table 3 Regulatory genes involved in aliphatic GS biosynthesis that showed significant differential expression. FC is the short name of fold change of gene expression. Log2 FC1 denotes the values in HG vs HGT, Log2 FC2 denotes the values in LG vs LGT, and Log2 FC3 denotes the values in HGT vs LGT

From: Comparative transcriptome analyses revealed different heat stress responses in high- and low-GS Brassica alboglabra sprouts

Gene Name Gene ID Swissprot Annotation Log2 FC1 Log2 FC2 Log2 FC3
MYB28 Bo5g025570 Transcription factor MYB28 − 3.22 −2.03
Bo2g080900 Transcription factor MYB28 −2.99
Bo8g104300 Transcription factor MYB28 −2.72 − 2.00
Bo9g014610 Transcription factor MYB28 5.92
Bo7g098590 Transcription factor MYB28 3.22
Bo8g104210 Transcription factor MYB28 2.11
Bo8g091100 Transcription factor MYB28
MYB29 Bo8g067910 Transcription factor MYB29 −3.73 −2.12
Bo9g175680 Transcription factor MYB29 2.68
MYB76 Bo9g164230 Transcription factor MYB76 2.09
  1. Dash line “--” means there is no significant differences between treatments;
  2. “Inf” represented no transcript level of DEG in latter sample, and “-Inf” represented no transcript level of DEG in former sample