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Table 3 HGT inserts from Wolbachia present in the genome of F. exsecta with details of its length and position in the F. exsecta genome. The presence of similar insert regions in other eukaryote genomes is also shown

From: The first draft genomes of the ant Formica exsecta, and its Wolbachia endosymbiont reveal extensive gene transfer from endosymbiont to host

Wolbachia gene name HGT region in F. exsecta Length HGT (bp) Transposon region near HGT Transposon Name Observed in other species Other Host Species name with position of similar insertion
Transposase scaffold83: 2271642–2,272,117 475 scaffold83: 2271642–2,272,117 transposase Complete Vollenhovia emeryi (LOC105557741), Cardiocondyla obscurior (genes: scf7180001101632 and scf7180001108526), Diachasma alloeum (LOC107035412), Brugia pahangi (BPAG_contig0001587),
ABC transporter ATP-binding protein, porphobilinogen deaminase, D-alanine--D-alanine ligase, DNA processing protein DprA, triose-phosphate isomerase scaffold233: 1712452–1,725,498 13,046 scaffold233: 1714122–1,714,241 transposase Partial (few gene region) Vollenhovia emeryi (NW_011967015.1, NW_011967060.1), Wasmannia auropunctata (scf7180000683207, scf7180000730160),Rhagoletis zephyria (NW_016158779.1), Planococcus citri (KF021963.1), Ctenocephalides felis (KC177865.1)
DNA repair protein RadC, transposase, DNA ligase, ABC transporter permease, ATP-dependent protease La scaffold574: 102007–116,197 14,190 scaffold574: 105963–106,483 transposase Partial (few gene region) Vollenhovia emeryi (LOC105557101, NW_011966940.1, NW_011966751.1), Monomorium pharaonis (scf7180001140281), Rhagoletis zephyria (LOC108377626), Parasteatoda tepidariorum (LOC107444616, LOC107450900)
probable carboxypeptidase, type IV secretion system,conjugal transfer protein TrbL, lysyl-tRNA synthetase, UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanine-D-glutamate ligase scaffold707: 1–38,814 38,813 scaffold707: 35826–36,154 Mariner Mos1 transposase (Ant origin) Partial (few gene region) Vollenhovia emeryi (NW_011966954.1, NW_011966496), Wasmannia auropunctata (scf7180000735528), Brugia pahangi (BPAG_contig0000608, BPAG_scaffold0000225)
DNA methylase, Ankyrin repeat domain protein, regulatory protein RepA, site-specific recombinase, cytochrome b-like scaffold741: 1–47,265 47,264 scaffold741: 54020–54,482, scaffold741: 52587–52,910 IS110 family transposase, Integrase Partial (few gene region) Vollenhovia emeryi (LOC105557561, NW_011966954.1, NW_011967060.1, NW_011967015.1), Wasmannia auropunctata (LOC105460331, scf7180000733651), Drosophila ananassae (WD_0580 gene)