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Fig. 1

From: Aging in the Drosophila ovary: contrasting changes in the expression of the piRNA machinery and mitochondria but no global release of transposable elements

Fig. 1

Signature of age-related expression in egg chambers across genetic background. (a) Average (between strains) log 2(RPKM+.5) expression of stage 14 egg chamber transcripts of old 30–34 day old samples versus young 3–4 day old samples. Transcripts significantly differentially expressed between young and old in a paired analysis (FDR < .05) are colored according to transcript type. Five TE transcripts are significantly differentially expressed across both strains with age, with only one, copia, showing an increase in expression. (b) Log2 ratios of old to young (RPKM+.5) expression between strains. The differentially expressed transcripts (FDR p < .05) are, as expected, strongly and significantly correlated with age across strains

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