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Fig. 4

From: Aging in the Drosophila ovary: contrasting changes in the expression of the piRNA machinery and mitochondria but no global release of transposable elements

Fig. 4

No global derepression of TEs in egg chambers from aged females. (a) TEs ordered by ratios of expression from old to young egg chambers in Ral_321. TEs significantly differentially expressed with age in Ral_321 tend to decrease with age. (b) TEs ordered by ratio of expression in Ral_237. Ral_237 shows differentially expressed TEs intercalated through a broader distribution of TE expression. (c) Log2 ratios of old to young RPKM+.5 of TE expression do not show a correlation with age across strains. Two TEs, pogo and Juan show significant age by strain interactions

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