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Table 4 Top biological functions of DEGs within pituitary glands of HG and LG chickens

From: Transcriptional profiling and pathway analysis reveal differences in pituitary gland function, morphology, and vascularization in chickens genetically selected for high or low body weight

aTop Biological Function bDEGs (#) cP-Value
Molecular and cellular function
 Cell death 46 9.96E-05 – 2.25E-02
 Cell cycle 19 1.27E-04 – 2.25E-02
 Cell-to-cell signaling and interaction 26 6.86E-04 – 2.25E-02
 Cellular compromise 6 3.87E-04 – 2.09E-02
 Cellular growth and proliferation 46 1.24E-03 – 2.20E-02
Physiological system development and function
 Cardiovascular system development and function 16 5.36E-05 – 2.25E-02
 Organ morphology 12 5.36E-05 – 1.13E-02
 Hematological system development and function 32 1.16E-04 – 2.05E-02
 Tissue morphology 24 1.16E-04 – 2.05E-02
 Endocrine system development and function 6 7.13E-04 – 2.25E-02
  1. aAs determined by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) biological function prediction
  2. bThe number of differentially expressed genes between HG and LG birds from our dataset contained within each category
  3. cP-values were determined by IPA software based on the number of DEGs from the dataset within each biological category divided by the total number of known genes assigned to that category within the database