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Table 5 Comparison of the genus-level performance of MiCoP and MetaPhlAn2 on a mock fungal community consisting of 4 genera

From: MiCoP: microbial community profiling method for detecting viral and fungal organisms in metagenomic samples

  Precision Recall F1-Score Reads per minute
MiCoP 1.0 0.75 0.85714 6934
MetaPhlAn2 NaN (0/0) 0.0 NaN 187961
  1. MiCoP detects 3 of the 4 genera with no false positives, while MetaPhlAn2 detects nothing. Because MetaPhlAn2 has 0 true and false positives, precision cannot be computed. MetaPhlAn2 was faster, but MiCoP still finished in less than 3 h