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Table 1 Candidate hub genes in HY, ST and MF stages

From: Developmental transcriptomics of Chinese cordyceps reveals gene regulatory network and expression profiles of sexual development-related genes

Gene name Description kME value
HY-specific blue module
 OSIN7260 Hypothetical protein 0.9860
 OSIN3519 Hypothetical protein 0.9845
 OSIN3540 Glycosyl transferase 0.9844
 OSIN6821 Bicarbonate transporter 0.9842
 OSIN3078 Hypothetical protein 0.9826
 OSIN6482 Hypothetical protein 0.9821
 OSIN6169 Hypothetical protein 0.9818
 OSIN3902 Oxidoreductase 0.9810
 OSIN6907 Hypothetical protein 0.9806
 OSIN6949 Hypothetical protein 0.9806
HY-specific turquoise module
 OSIN6101 Hypothetical protein 0.9946
 OSIN1039 Hypothetical protein 0.9933
 OSIN5827 E1-like protein-activating enzyme Gsa7p/Apg7p 0.9929
 OSIN3683 Hypothetical protein 0.9921
 OSIN3387 Meiotically up-regulated protein 0.9914
 OSIN4246 WD domain, G-beta repeat containing protein 0.9914
 OSIN1746 Hypothetical protein 0.9913
 OSIN0373 Zn2Cys6 transcription factor, fungi 0.9910
 OSIN0998 START-like domain protein 0.9905
 OSIN6059 Stress-responsive protein Ish1 0.9905
ST-specific yellow module  
 OSIN1750 Low temperature requirement A 0.9878
 OSIN1054 TBC1 domain family member 5 0.9843
 OSIN0446 N-terminal fungal transcription regulatory domain-containing protein 0.9823
 OSIN1014 Peroxin-3 family protein 0.9749
 OSIN3726 Cytochrome P450 0.9707
 OSIN1666 Dynactin subunit 0.9704
 OSIN6003 Hypothetical protein 0.9695
 OSIN3725 Hypothetical protein 0.9650
 OSIN0445 Basic-Leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor 0.9638
 OSIN1672 Terpenoid synthase 0.9608
ST-specific purple module  
 OSIN3113 N-acetyltransferase complex ard1 subunit 0.9877
 OSIN4003 Clathrin adaptor complex 0.9681
 OSIN6067 Hypothetical protein 0.9680
 OSIN7385 Hypothetical protein 0.9651
 OSIN2377 NAD(P)-binding domain protein 0.9570
 OSIN4113 Six-bladed beta-propeller, TolB-like protein 0.9528
 OSIN3236 Peroxisomal biogenesis factor 2 0.9506
 OSIN1470 Benzoyl formate decarboxylase 0.9506
 OSIN6963 Putative methyltransferase 0.9484
 OSIN4021 UTP-glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase 0.9445
MF-specific magenta module  
 OSIN3310 Non-Catalytic module family expansin 0.9791
 OSIN6011 Hypothetical protein, only exist in Ophiocordyceps sinensis 0.9745
 OSIN3409 Peptidase A1 0.9622
 OSIN0493 Hypothetical protein 0.9544
 OSIN3601 Hypothetical protein 0.9543
 OSIN0492 Hypothetical protein, only exist in Ophiocordyceps sinensis 0.9469
 OSIN1023 Hypothetical protein 0.9467
 OSIN1456 Hypothetical protein 0.9409
 OSIN2949 Methyltransferase type 11 0.9331
 OSIN4742 Major facilitator superfamily domain, general substrate transporter 0.9283