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Fig. 6

From: Horizontal acquisition of hydrogen conversion ability and other habitat adaptations in the Hydrogenovibrio strains SP-41 and XCL-2

Fig. 6

Gene order in Hydrogenase gene cluster II of SP-41 compared to homologous regions in other Proteobacteria. Comparison of the gene order in the hydrogenase gene cluster II of SP-41 with homologous regions in Hydrogenovibrio thermophilus MA2-6, Hydrogenovibrio marinus MH-110 T, Cupriavidus necator H16 and Ghiorsea bivora TAG-1 T. Color background rectangles are used to highlight gene syntheny. For MA2-6 and TAG-1 the reverse-complementary strand to the reference sequence is visualized, in order to maximize the number of homologs aligned to the other genomes. For MH-110, the region is different in the two available genome sequences: a gene duplication is present in the assembly by Scott et al. [21] but not in that by Jo et al. [17]

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