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Fig. 3

From: Genetic mechanism underlying sexual plasticity and its association with colour patterning in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Fig. 3

Volcano plots illustrate the result of significantly differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in males versus females within treatment and control groups in the gonad and caudal fin. a, male control gonad versus female control gonad: MCG vs. FCG; b, male treatment gonad versus female treatment gonad: MTG vs. FTG; c, male control fin versus female control fin: MCF vs. FCF; d, male treatment fin versus female treatment fin: MTF vs. FTF. Each dot in the plot represents a gene with its corresponding log2-fold change (FC) on the x-axis and p-value (−log10) on the y-axis. Red colour dots show selected candidate sex determination genes and blue colour dots represent selected candidate colour pattern genes. The horizontal line indicates the significance threshold (false discovery rate; FDR < 0.05), whereas the vertical line segregates genes with log2FC > 1

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