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Table 1 List of Two-Component-System associated proteins found in the genome of M. truncatula

From: Diversification of cytokinin phosphotransfer signaling genes in Medicago truncatula and other legume genomes

Locus tag Previous protein name Protein name Length (AA) Arabidopsis homolog Domains
v4.0a v5.0b
Histidine kinases
Medtr5g097410 MtrunA17Chr5g0447641   MtCHK4c 1270 AHK2 CHASE   His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr3g085130 MtrunA17Chr3g0122391   MtCHK3c 1035 AHK3 CHASE   His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr8g080770 MtrunA17Chr8g0377481   MtCHK2c 971 AHK3 CHASE   His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr8g106150 MtrunA17Chr8g0392301 CRE1 MtCHK1c 1004 AHK4 CHASE   His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr2g067240 MtrunA17Chr2g0311191   MtCHK5 256 AHK4-like CHASE   His (H)
Medtr5g022470 MtrunA17Chr5g0405701   MtHK1 1201 AHK1    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr8g075340 MtrunA17Chr8g0371601   MtHK2 1174 AHK1    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr1g090850 MtrunA17Chr1g0197591   MtHK3 1051 CKI1    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr1g087140 MtrunA17Chr1g0194741   MtHK4 1103 CKI1    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr3g105590 MtrunA17Chr3g0136601   MtHK5 950 CKI2 / AHK5    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr1g013360 MtrunA17Chr1g0150511   MtHK6 1013 CKI2 / AHK5    His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr1g014670 MtrunA17Chr1g0150531   MtHK7 390 CKI2 / AHK5    His (H)
Medtr4g031150 MtrunA17Chr4g0013831   MtETR1 791 ETR1 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr7g109150 MtrunA17Chr7g0269631   MtETR2 636 ERS1 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (H) HATPase_c (N, G1, F, G2)
Medtr1g044210 MtrunA17Chr1g0168161   MtETR3 761 ETR2 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (−) HATPase_c (−, −, −, −) Rec (D)
Medtr1g073840 MtrunA17Chr1g0186431   MtETR4 760 ETR2 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (−) HATPase_c (−, G1, −, −) Rec (D)
Medtr1g079790 MtrunA17Chr1g0190021   MtETR5 763 EIN4 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (H) HATPase_c (−, G1, −, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr7g116330 MtrunA17Chr7g0274831   MtETR6 766 EIN4 EBD (D,Y, I1,P, I2, C, H) GAF His (H) HATPase_c (−, G1, −, G2) Rec (D)
Medtr1g082290 MtrunA17Chr1g0191351   MtHPT2d 152   Hpt (H)     
Medtr1g089130 MtrunA17Chr1g0196361   MtHPT3 149   Hpt (H)     
Medtr2g020770 MtrunA17Chr2g0286781   MtHPT1d 148   Hpt (H)     
Medtr2g100880 MtrunA17Chr2g0331011   MtHPT4 150   Hpt (H)     
Medtr2g100900 MtrunA17Chr2g0331021   MtHPT5 150   Hpt (H)     
Medtr7g114020 MtrunA17Chr7g0273321   MtHPT8 147   Hpt (H)     
Medtr4g010160 MtrunA17Chr4g0003251   MtHPT7 169   Hpt (N)     
Medtr2g103870 MtrunA17Chr2g0333131   MtHPT6 158   Hpt (N)     
Medtr2g085155 NA   MtHPT9 151   Hpt (R)     
Medtr2g086010 NA   MtHPT10 151   Hpt (R)     
Medtr1g049100 MtrunA17Chr1g0170741   MtRRA1 198   Rec (D)     
Medtr3g015490 MtrunA17Chr3g0082861 RR9e MtRRA9 164   Rec (D)     
Medtr3g078613 MtrunA17Chr3g0118211   MtRRA2 201   Rec (D)     
Medtr3g088630 MtrunA17Chr3g0124861   MtRRA3 235   Rec (D)     
Medtr3g093860 MtrunA17Chr3g0128691   MtRRA6 156   Rec (D)     
Medtr4g106590 MtrunA17Chr4g0059571 RR8e MtRRA8 215   Rec (D)     
Medtr5g036480 MtrunA17Chr5g0414931 RR4d MtRRA4 237   Rec (D)     
Medtr6g007460 MtrunA17Chr4g0021731   MtRRA7 184   Rec (D)     
Medtr7g490310 MtrunA17Chr7g0256551 RR5d MtRRA5 239   Rec (D)     
Medtr8g038620 MtrunA17Chr8g0352871 RR11e MtRRA11 177   Rec (D)     
Medtr1g032570 MtrunA17Chr1g0161431   MtRRB7 623   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (371 AA)  
Medtr2g034960 MtrunA17Chr2g0294911   MtRRB6 595   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (343 AA)  
Medtr2g450070 MtrunA17Chr2g0304841   MtRRB5 666   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (401 AA)  
Medtr3g086100 MtrunA17Chr3g0123131   MtRRB4 570   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (319 AA)  
Medtr3g102590 MtrunA17Chr3g0134461   MtRRB10 240   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (53 AA)  
Medtr3g106220 MtrunA17Chr3g0137101 RR3d MtRRB3 645   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (395 AA)  
Medtr4g021760 MtrunA17Chr4g0009851   MtRRB11 312   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (91 AA)  
Medtr4g021790 MtrunA17Chr4g0009901   MtRRB12 274   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (54 AA)  
Medtr4g021845 MtrunA17Chr4g0009981   MtRRB13 311   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (91 AA)  
Medtr4g021855 MtrunA17Chr4g0010001   MtRRB14 300   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (81 AA)  
Medtr4g023980 MtrunA17Chr4g0011071   MtRRB15 201   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (2 AA)  
Medtr4g121020 MtrunA17Chr4g0067981 RR2d MtRRB2 680   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (414 AA)  
Medtr4g131570 MtrunA17Chr4g0074401   MtRRB16 608   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (341 AA)  
Medtr4g131580 MtrunA17Chr4g0074411   MtRRB17 608   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (355 AA)  
Medtr4g131600 MtrunA17Chr4g0074421   MtRRB18 590   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (337 AA)  
Medtr5g055260 MtrunA17Chr5g0423031   MtRRB19 268   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (65 AA)  
Medtr8g079940 MtrunA17Chr8g0376881   MtRRB20 538   Rec (D) Myb C-ter (277 AA)  
Medtr3g102600 MtrunA17Chr3g0134481 RR1d MtRRB1 228   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (56 AA)  
Medtr4g098870 MtrunA17Chr4g0054981   MtRRB24 586   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (193 AA)  
Medtr5g014040 MtrunA17Chr5g0400241   MtRRB9 543   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (180 AA)  
Medtr6g045327 MtrunA17Chr6g0471041   MtRRB25 362   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (102 AA)  
Medtr7g026400 MtrunA17Chr7g0223971   MtRRB26 592   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (393 AA)  
Medtr8g032710 MtrunA17Chr8g0350761   MtRRB8 476   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (203 AA)  
Medtr8g105600 MtrunA17Chr8g0391911   MtRRB27 764   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (519 AA)  
Medtr0450s0040 MtrunA17Chr6g0473731   MtRRB28 537   Rec (E) Myb C-ter (316 AA)  
Medtr6g016850 MtrunA17Chr6g0456631   MtRR31 171   Rec (E) C-ter (AA)  
Medtr8g093040 MtrunA17Chr8g0383961   MtRR32 264   Rec (E) C-ter (AA)  
Medtr1g013160 MtrunA17Chr1g0149831   MtRRB29 326   Rec (N) Myb C-ter (53 AA)  
Medtr1g013170 MtrunA17Chr1g0149841   MtRRB21 497   Rec (N) Myb C-ter (254 AA)  
Medtr1g013180 MtrunA17Chr1g0149851   MtRRB22 530   Rec (N) Myb C-ter (287 AA)  
Medtr7g117705 MtrunA17Chr7g0275891   MtRRB23 336   Rec (N) Myb C-ter (93 AA)  
NA NA   MtRRB30 293   Rec (N) Myb C-ter (49 AA)  
Medtr1g067110 MtrunA17Chr1g0181811   MtPRR1 744   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr3g037390 MtrunA17Chr3g0091641   MtPRR2 575   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr3g092780 MtrunA17Chr3g0127941   MtPRR3 685   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr4g061360 MtrunA17Chr4g0030271   MtPRR4 796   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr4g108880 MtrunA17Chr4g0061021   MtPRR5 630   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr7g118260 MtrunA17Chr7g0276361   MtPRR6 559   Rec (E) CCT   
Medtr8g024260 MtrunA17Chr8g0345901   MtPRR7 585   Rec (E) CCT   
  1. For each gene, the current protein name, as well as a previously published name when available, the protein length, the A. thaliana most closely related protein, and the conserved protein domains are listed. a [73], b [74], c [55], d [51] and e [56]. NA: Not Annotated