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Fig. 2

From: Histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferase is required for facultative heterochromatin at specific loci

Fig. 2

KMT1 and KMT2 are needed for activation and repression. Volcano plots indicating the expression changes in (a) kmt1/dim-5 grown in the dark (DD) or (b) in the light. The red dots represent genes that have altered expression in the mutant relative to WT (q < 0.05). Same as in (a) and (b), except we examined expression changes in kmt2/set-1 relative to WT in DD (c) or LP30 (d). (e-h) Venn diagrams show the amount of overlap among the misregulated genes. (e) Genes that are elevated in the dark in both kmt2/set-1 (orange) or kmt1/dim-5 (yellow) in DD. (f) Genes elevated in the light in in kmt2/set-1 (orange) or kmt1/dim-5 (yellow). (g) Genes that have reduced expression in the dark kmt2/set-1 (dark blue) and kmt1/dim-5 (light blue). (h) Genes that have reduced expression in the light in kmt2/set-1 (dark blue) and kmt1/dim-5 (light blue)

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