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Fig. 7

From: Histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferase is required for facultative heterochromatin at specific loci

Fig. 7

Effects of light on H3K9me3. (a) The MA plots show quantitative difference (p < 0.05) in H3K9me3 peak densities between WT DD and WT LP30. (b) Gene-level plot of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq of the vvd locus. H3K9me3 peaks from the ChIP-seq done in WT and kmt2/set-1 along with H3K4me3 peaks from ChIP performed in WT and kmt1/dim-5. The growth conditions (DD or LP30) are shown to the right. RNA-seq data indicating transcripts that originate from the plus (+) or minus (−) strand are separated for the 3 different strains under the two conditions. As an aided reference WC-2 ChIP-seq is also shown. (c) Bar plot showing the expression changes of vvd and vvd antisense in WT, kmt2/set-1 and kmt1/dim-5 in DD and LP30

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