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Table 3 Recombination event 3 and other potential recombination signals in whole genome Gamma-PVs

From: Evolutionary dynamics of ten novel Gamma-PVs: insights from phylogenetic incongruence, recombination and phylodynamic analyses

Estimated Break point positions Recombinant (Gamma-species) Parent sequence Evidence (method with P value < 0.05) Intra-species or inter species recombination
In Alignment In Genbank sequence Minor (Gamma-species) Major (Gamma-species)
4446 8018 3631 6426 ^HPV4 (γ-1) HPV130 (γ-10) Unknown (HPV162)(γ-19) M,C,S, 3S Inter-species
  1. N.B Only event 3 is shown in Table 2, all the potential recombinant Gamma-PVs for this event are shown in the recombinant column and the proposed major and minor parents
  2. ^ = The recombinant sequence may have been misidentified (one of the identified parents might be the recombinant
  3. Minor Parent = Parent contributing the smaller fraction of sequence
  4. Major Parent = Parent contributing the larger fraction of sequence
  5. Unknown = only one parent and a recombinant need be in the alignment for a recombination event to be detectable the sequence listed as unknown was used to infer the existence of a missing parental sequence
  6. [T] Sequences with trace evidence of the same recombinant event