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Table 2 Identified virulence factors and antigen proteins in MTB

From: Investigating function roles of hypothetical proteins encoded by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv genome

ORF Accession number Annotated gene Our annotation Antigen protein
Rv2707 NP_217223.1 rpoS RNA polymerase sigma factor rpoS NO
Rv0674 NP_215188.1 pspA Phage shock protein pspA YES
Rv1518 NP_216034.1 wcaA Colanic acid biosynthesis glycosyl transferase wcaA YES
Rv0498 NP_215012.1 tagE alpha-glucosyltransferase YES
Rv1893 NP_216409.1 prm1 Plasma membrane fusion protein prm1 YES
Rv0546c NP_215060.1 gloA Lactoylglutathione lyase YES
Rv1505c NP_216021.1 epsM acetyltransferase epsM YES
Rv0049 NP_214563.1 ygaZ Inner membrane protein ygaZ YES
Rv2694c NP_217210.1 artP Arginine transport ATP-binding protein artP NO
Rv2365c NP_216881.1 ydbL Protein ydbL YES
Rv2327 NP_216843.1 slyA Transcriptional regulator slyA YES
Rv2751 NP_217267.1 yktD adenosyl-methionine-dependent methyltransferase yktD YES
  1. Twelve new virulence factors were found in MTB in this study. The antigen proteins could be applied to vaccine development for the prevention of MTB