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Table 3 Potential drug targets of MTB HPs

From: Investigating function roles of hypothetical proteins encoded by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv genome

ORF protein ID ChEMBL ID Drug name Mechanism of Action
Rv0817c NP_215332.1 CHEMBL2095222 ocriplasmin Laminin hydrolytic enzyme inhibitor
Rv2927c NP_217443.1 CHEMBL2105700 bedaquiline fumarate ATP synthase inhibitor
Rv1303 NP_215819.1 CHEMBL3989689 squalamine Sodium/hydrogen exchanger 3 inhibitor
Rv2908c NP_217424.1 CHEMBL564085 troleandomycin 70S ribosome inhibitor
Rv2926c NP_217442.1 CHEMBL614 pyrazinamide Fatty acid synthase inhibitor
Rv0312 NP_214826.1 CHEMBL1201780 carglumic acid Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase inhibitor
  1. Six essential HPs were identified with potential drug targets