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Fig. 4

From: New insights from Opisthorchis felineus genome: update on genomics of the epidemiologically important liver flukes

Fig. 4

Identification of SL1 RNA in O. felineus. a. Schematic representation of SL-dependent trans-splicing in flatworms. A potential role of SL-derived AUG codon in translation of the trans-spliced transcript is denoted by a question mark. b. The predicted secondary structure of O. felineus SL1 RNA composed of three stem-loops and containing Sm protein-binding site (Sm-BS). The color scale depicts base-pair probabilities. Splice donor site is marked by a triangle. Prediction was performed using RNAfold WebServer ( c. An alignment of SL1 exons identified in three Opisthorchiidae species, F. hepatica and S. mansoni. Intraspecific sequence variations are marked in red

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