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Table 1 Characteristics of the Opisthorchis felineus draft genome assembly

From: New insights from Opisthorchis felineus genome: update on genomics of the epidemiologically important liver flukes

Characteristics of the genome assembly
 Total size of scaffolds (bp) 683,967,183
 Number of scaffolds 13,781
 Longest scaffold (bp) 3,238,362
 Number of scaffolds: >  1 kb; >  50 kb 13,511; 1489
 N50/N75 scaffold length (bp) 624,179/309,294
 Genomic DNA GC content (excluding Ns) 44.07%
Draft genome featuresa
 Length of CDS domain in the genome 19,274,911
 Predicted genes 11,455
 Predicted protein-coding mRNA sequences 21,036
 Gene average length 25,615
 Coding domain length 1732
 Average number of exons 9
 Average length of exons 1908
 Average length of introns 3546
  1. aStatistics of the gene annotation using EVidenceModeler prediction approach is presented. The full data of statistics of the gene annotations produced by several prediction approaches is presented in Additional file 2: Table S5