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Table 3 Genes located in and adjacent to the BIIRfg biosynthetic gene cluster. The predicted function of the genes is based on the in-house sequence annotation pipeline ANNOTATOR. The best blast hit is reported. The observed E-value and percent identity for each gene are shown in parentheses. The rows in bold show the genes thought to be involved in the biosynthesis of BII-Rafflesfungin

From: Genomics-driven discovery of a biosynthetic gene cluster required for the synthesis of BII-Rafflesfungin from the fungus Phoma sp. F3723

Gene (protein_id) Predicted Function Best blast hit
(E-value, % Identity)
BIIRfg_NRPS (QCC62999.1) Nonribosomal peptide synthase GAM84991.1
[ Fungal sp. 11,243 ]
(0.0, 43%)
BIIRfg_PKS (QCC63000.1) Polyketide synthase ALQ32757.1
[ Fusarium aywerte ]
(0.0, 70%)
orf-a (QCC62998.1) Thioesterase type II (PF00975) KPA42378.1
[ Fusarium langsethiae ]
(1e-117, 66%)
orf-b (QCC62997.1) Hypothetical RTA1 (PF04479) domain containing protein OQO12260.1
[Rachicladosporium antarcticum]
(3e-133, 60%)
orf-c (QCC62996.1) Hypothetical protein OBS28051.1
[Fusarium poae]
(2e-67, 51%)
orf-d (QCC62995.1) FAD binding domain (PF01565) containing protein OWY43811.1
[Alternaria alternata]
(0.0, 79%)
orf-e (QCC62994.1) Similar to heme oxygenase KPA35830.1
[Fusarium langsethiae]
(2e-85, 63%)
orf-f (QCC62993.1) MARVEL domain (PF01284) containing protein EEH09252.1
[Histoplasma capsulatum]
(3e-58, 56%)
orf-g (QCC62992.1) Putative membrane transport protein (Major facilitator superfamily, PF07690) KXL45980.1
[Acidomyces richmondensis]
(0.0, 54%)
orf-h (QCC62991.1) Glycosyltransferase (PF03033) EEH09251.1
[Histoplasma capsulatum]
(0.0, 70%)
orf-i (QCC62990.1) AMP dependent ligase (PF00501) KPA42376.1
[ Fusarium lansethiae ]
orf-j (QCC62989.1) Hypothetical P-loop containing ABC transporter protein OKO93750.1
[Penicillium subrubescens]
(0.0, 34%)
orf-k (QCC62988.1) Heme binding (PF00141) KZM26722.1
[Ascochyta rabiei]
(0.0, 89%)