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Fig. 1

From: Global transcriptomic analyses of Salmonella enterica in Iron-depleted and Iron-rich growth conditions

Fig. 1

Global transcriptomic analyses of S. enterica by RNA-Seq. Total of 12 RNA sample libraries, two biological replicates for each strain in two different conditions (ID versus IR) were included in the RNA-Seq experiment. Sequence reads were mapped to genome sequences of S. Typhimuirum LT2 and the WT SE163A. Transcripts per million (TPM) was calculated for individual genes. TPM of each gene was normalized with gmk and adk and fold-changes were calculated from normalized values. A cut off ≥4-fold differences of transcript abundances was used to establish the presence of differential gene expression. a) Less number of genes were differentially expressed in WT as compared to transconjugant (SE819::IncFIB) and recipient (SE819) strains in iron-depleted conditions. b) More number of genes were up-regulated in ID as compared to IR growth conditions in transconjugant than recipient. Whereas, identical number of genes were downregulated in these two strains in IR and ID growth conditions

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