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Fig. 5

From: Differential expression of innate and adaptive immune genes in the survivors of three gibel carp gynogenetic clones after herpesvirus challenge

Fig. 5

Verification of DEUs by qPCR. The qPCR analyses of nine IFN system genes (irf3, irf7, lgp2, stat2, mx1, mx3, viperin, ifi44, and ifi56) (a-i) and three immunoglobulins (IgLλ, IgZ and IgM) (j-l) in head kidney of gibel carp clone A+, F and H. eef1a1l1 was used as the normalizer. Gene expression levels are relative to those of clone H control individuals. Each bar represents mean ± standard deviation (SD) (n = 3). Asterisks indicate the significant differences between control and survivor (*: p < 0.05 and **: p < 0.05)

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