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Table 1 Category of commonly up-regulated DEUs annotated in the circulatory system from s-H vs c-H, s-F vs c-F and s-A+ vs c-A+

From: Differential expression of innate and adaptive immune genes in the survivors of three gibel carp gynogenetic clones after herpesvirus challenge

Gene Name Gene Abbrev-iation Function annotation Unigene ID
Delta-aminolevulinate synthase alas2 Heme biosynthesis and metabolism CL55.Contig1, CL55.Contig2, CL55.Contig3
Ferrochelatase fech CL8987.Contig5, CL8987.Contig6, Unigene35721
Hydroxymethylbilane synthase b hmbsb CL8862.Contig4, CL8862.Contig1, CL8862.Contig7, CL8862.Contig6, CL8862.Contig3, CL8862.Contig2
Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase urod CL158.Contig2, CL158.Contig1, CL158.Contig3
Coproporphyrinogen oxidase cpox CL3455.Contig8
Flavin reductase blvrb CL8222.Contig4, CL8222.Contig2, CL8222.Contig5
Hemoglobin alpha hba Oxygen and ion transport CL5869.Contig1, CL5869.Contig2, CL5869.Contig6
Hemoglobin beta hbb Unigene31300, Unigene86068, Unigene6944, Unigene22310,
Transferrin receptor tfr CL14300.Contig2, CL14300.Contig4, CL14300.Contig5, Unigene38629, CL14300.Contig1
Mitoferrin-1 mfrn1 CL45.Contig4, CL45.Contig1
Band 3 anion transport protein slc4a1 CL6154.Contig1, CL6154.Contig4, CL6154.Contig3
Carbonic anhydrase cahz Unigene28427
Hemogen hemge Proliferation and differentiation of haemocytes CL5210.Contig1, CL5210.Contig4, CL5210.Contig2, CL5210.Contig5, CL5210.Contig3
Kruppel-like factor 1 klf1 CL4920.Contig3, CL4920.Contig1
Family with sequence similarity 210 member B fam210b CL6436.Contig3,
Ankyrin 1 ank1 Erythrocyte membrane structure Unigene12266
Spectrin beta sptb Unigene1305, CL16738.Contig5