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Fig. 2

From: Concurrent and long-term associations between the endometrial microbiota and endometrial transcriptome in postpartum dairy cows

Fig. 2

Plot of principal components PC1 vs. PC2 generated from the endometrial microbiota at week 1, 5, and 9 postpartum. Separation of the week 1 endometrial microbiota from both week 5 and 9 is evident. Permanova analysis indicated that the Bray-Curtis similarity index (a measure of microbial similarity) was significantly different between week 1 and 5 (P = 0.0001) and between week 1 and 9 (P = 0.0001) and similar between week 5 and 9 (P = 0.45). Each 95% concentration ellipse estimates a region where 95% of population points are expected to fall

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