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Table 1 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of endometrial genes differentially expressed at week 5

From: Concurrent and long-term associations between the endometrial microbiota and endometrial transcriptome in postpartum dairy cows

Pathway or Biological Function Z-score P-value
Cyclic vs non-cyclic (n = 809 DEG)
 Canonical Pathway - Decreased
  EIF2 signaling (i.e., protein synthesis)   6.16E-10
 Biological Functions - Increased
  Transport of molecule 2.809 5.01E-05
  Transport of lipid 2.753 7.24E-03
  Oxidation of lipid 2.325 5.03E-03
  Quantity of carbohydrate 2.057 1.72E-04
  Cell-cell contact 2.295 5.25E-03
  Fusion of cells 2.266 2.02E-03
  Formation of muscle 2.209 3.63E-03
  Head and neck cancer 2.4 6.69E-03
 Biological Functions - Decreased
  Cell death −2.193 2.11E-03
  Necrosis − 2.493 2.45E-03
  Astrocytosis −2.353 3.53E-03
  Liver lesion −2.452 1.71E-04
Week 1 microbiota (WK1_PC1; n = 516 DEG)
 Biological functions - Increased
  Thoracic hypoplasia 2.44 1.73E-05
  Cardiac lesion 2.423 8.65E-03
  Fibrosis of heart 2.241 6.66E-03
 Biological functions - Decreased
  Organization of cytoplasm −2.383 1.32E-03
  Organization of cytoskeleton −2.383 1.41E-03
  Proliferation of neuroblastoma cell lines −2.412 6.95E-03
  Formation of muscle cells −2.607 4.07E-04
  Formation of muscle −2.902 2.44E-04
Week 5 microbiota (WK5_PC1; n = 96 DEG)
 Biological functions - Decreased
  Organismal death −2.35 3.58E-03
  Thoracic hypoplasia −2 7.07E-03