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Table 2 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of endometrial genes differentially expressed between week 5 and week 9

From: Concurrent and long-term associations between the endometrial microbiota and endometrial transcriptome in postpartum dairy cows

Pathway or Biological Function Z-score P-value
Non-cyclic (week 5) to cyclic (week 9) (n = 1489 DEG)
 Canonical Pathway - Decreased
  EIF2 signaling (i.e., protein synthesis)   2.13E-25
 Biological Functions - Increased
  Cell death of tumor cells 2.407 6.98E-05
  Conversion of fatty acid 2.757 1.90E-05
  Metabolism of membrane lipid derivative 2.745 9.74E-08
  Production of reactive oxygen species 2.091 1.05E-05
  Transport of molecule 2.365 4.63E-07
  Quantity of connective tissue 2.325 5.08E-06
  Cancer 2.257 1.82E-05
 Biological Functions - Decreased
  Recruitment of cells −2.211 4.52E-05
  Branching of epithelial tissue −2.081 5.96E-05
  Quantity of Ca2+ −2.111 1.11E-05
  Accumulation of carbohydrate −2.44 2.36E-05
Cyclic (week 5) to cyclic (week 9) (n = 145 DEG)
 Biological Functions - Increased
  Inflammation of lung 2.187 1.09E-02
  Synthesis of lipid 2.115 7.80E-03
 Biological Functions - Decreased
  Apoptosis −2.814 2.98E-03