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Table 3 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of endometrial genes differentially expressed at week 9

From: Concurrent and long-term associations between the endometrial microbiota and endometrial transcriptome in postpartum dairy cows

Pathway or Biological Function Z-score P-value
Cyclic vs non-cyclic (n = 81)
 Biological Functions - Increased
  Growth of tumor 2.618 2.30E-06
  Neoplasia of epithelial tissue 2.425 2.89E-03
  Binding of protein binding site 2.19 4.56E-03
 Biological Functions - Decreased
  Migration of mononuclear leukocytes − 2.219 4.57E-03
Week 1 microbiota (WK1_PC2; n = 64 DEG)
 Biological functions - Increased
  Inflammatory response 2.914 2.34E-07
  Influx of myeloid cells 2.19 7.34E-07
  Quantity of leukocytes 2.115 3.74E-08
Week 9 microbiota (WK9_PC2; n = 179 DEG)
 Canonical Pathway - Decreased
  cAMP-mediated signaling −2.646 1.09E-03
 Biological Functions - Increased
  Malignant solid tumor 2.007 4.23E-06
 Biological Functions - Decreased
  Synthesis of terpenoid −2.528 1.18E-02
  Cytostasis −2.16 1.23E-02
  Angiogenesis −2.155 7.16E-05