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Fig. 1

From: A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the developing chicken limb

Fig. 1

Sampling strategy and tissue composition of the developing chicken autopod. a-c Dissection schemes, highlighted in red, for sampling the different stages of hindlimb development (scale bar ~ 1 mm). d-f tSNE representation of the three datasets, representing 5982 (HH25), 6823 (HH29) and 4823 (HH31) cells according to their transcriptome similarities. Cellular color codes reflect unsupervised graph-based clustering results. Comparable cell populations identified in multiple samples are visualized using the same color. (g-i) Select overrepresented GO-terms, from analysis of the overexpressed genes, for each cluster at stages (g) HH25, (h) HH29 and (i) HH31

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