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Fig. 3

From: A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the developing chicken limb

Fig. 3

Weighted correlation network analysis and gene co-expression modules. a WGCNA gene hierarchical clustering dendrogram and modules of co-expression. A total of 16 distinct co-expression modules are identified, visualized by colored bars at the bottom of the dendrogram (color scheme unrelated to previous cell clustering). b Heatmap of mean expression values per co-expression module, calculated across distinct cell sub-clusters and developmental stages. Ordering based on hierarchical clustering of averaged co-expression module activities and sub-clusters. Sub-clusters identification at bottom (number and color code) corresponds to Fig. 2a-c. c Cytoscape visualization of co-expression module Magenta. Node size is proportional to module membership of each gene, edge thickness represents correlation of pair-wise gene co-expression. d-f Heatmap representing the averaged cellular activity of the Magenta module, plotted on tSNE representations of the different samples. Color intensity is proportional to the mean expression of the module in each cell

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