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Fig. 4

From: A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the developing chicken limb

Fig. 4

Molecular and spatial heterogeneity in the interdigit mesenchyme. a-g Interdigit-associated co-expression modules (a) Orange, (b) Olivegreen, (c) Tan, and (d) Midnightblue. Node size represents gene module membership, edge thickness gene pair-wise correlation. Gene names in bold are classified as transcription factors, uncharacterized genes show only Ensembl numbers following the “ENSGALG” gene code. e-h Heatmaps of averaged activity levels of the corresponding modules, visualized on top of a tSNE plot for sample HH29. i Contour density plot of the tSNE projection for sample HH29, to delineate overall cell distribution. Partial tSNE plot on top, to visualize only cells belonging to interdigit-like sub-clusters (Color-coding and numbering according to Fig. 2b). j Expression dot plot of differentially expressed genes between the three interdigit sub-clusters at stage HH29. k Heatmap visualization of “digit3-like” and “digit4-like” gene sets at stages HH29 and HH31, based on differential expression analysis of digit-specific bulk RNA-seq data by Wang et al., 2011. Underlined gene names in d,j denote membership to the “digit IV-like” gene set

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