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Fig. 5

From: A single-cell transcriptomic atlas of the developing chicken limb

Fig. 5

Transcriptional modules in the non-skeletal connective tissue (nsCT). a-c Gene co-expression modules (a) Darkgray, (b) Purple and (c) Darkgreen enriched for peri-skeletal genes. Gene names in bold are classified as transcription factors, uncharacterized genes show only Ensembl numbers following the “ENSGALG” gene code. d-f Corresponding averaged module activities visualized as heatmaps on stage HH29 tSNE plots. d Venn diagram of shared overexpressed genes in the nsCT populations of the three samples. h-i Section in situ hybridization on stage HH31 chicken hindlimbs for three shared nsCT marker genes, CRABP-I, COL1A2 and ZFHX3. Arrows denote extent of expression along the long bone axis, while brackets indicate separation from the forming skeletal element (scale bar = 100 μm)

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