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Fig. 2

From: Corrupted DNA-binding specificity and ectopic transcription underpin dominant neomorphic mutations in KLF/SP transcription factors

Fig. 2

KLF1-E339K-ER binds to novel sites throughout the genome due to a change in DNA-binding specificity. a A Consensus occupancy peakset was generated from overlapping KLF1-ER and KLF1-E339K-ER binding sites. b Heat maps of read density of KLF1-ER and KLF1-E339K-ER ChIP-seq at a ± 2 kb from the consensus peakset. Plots are clustered according to the nearest neighbor chain algorithm [50]. c Scatter plot with marginal boxplots displaying the log2 normalized mean read count from differential binding analysis between KLF1 and KLF1-E339K peaksets and read alignments. d Position weighted matrix for the highest-ranking motif derived from KLF1-ER (top) and KLF1-E339K-ER (bottom) peaks (±50 bp), as determined by MEME

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