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Fig. 7

From: Corrupted DNA-binding specificity and ectopic transcription underpin dominant neomorphic mutations in KLF/SP transcription factors

Fig. 7

KLF1-E339K-ER and KLF1-E339D-ER bind different sites in the genome to regulate different sets of genes. a Proportional Venn diagram of ChIP-seq peak overlaps between wildtype KLF1-ER, KLF1-E339K-ER and KLF1-E339D-ER. Peaks are considered shared if the peak summits are within 250 bp of each other. b Proportional Venn diagram of DEGS in response to wildtype KLF1-ER, KLF1-E339K-ER or KLF1-E339D-ER induction

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