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Table 2 Adjusted P-values of the main effects, corticosterone and temperature, and the interaction obtained from two-way analysis of variance of qPCR expression values for each of the 12 candidate genes. Significant differences are designated with (a)

From: Multiple stressors produce differential transcriptomic patterns in a stream-dwelling salamander

Gene Corticosterone Temperature Corticosterone x Temperature
A2M 0.0033a 0.0999a 0.4132a
FX 0.0061a 0.4133a 0.7359a
GSTM2 0.0076a 0.4192a 0.0068a
LY-6E 0.0001a 0.2738a 0.0004a
TRX 0.0004a 0.9031a 0.4614a
UMOD 0.0001a 0.4320a 0.0001a
ZNF593 0.1637a 0.0055a 0.0078a
CIRBP 0.1035a 0.0001a 0.0283a
HSC71 0.9975a 0.0001a 0.2531a
HSP40 0.3875a 0.0030a 0.9810a
HSP70 0.0021a 0.0001a 0.5350a
HSP90 0.2095a 0.0073a 0.0005a