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Table 5 List of the Influenza A strains and their associated phenotypes, as used in the training of the machine learning algorithms

From: Identifying genetic determinants of complex phenotypes from whole genome sequence data

Strain name Infectivity Transmissibility Pathogenicity
A/HongKong/156/97 No Yes Yes
A/HongKong/213/2003 No Yes Yes
A/Indonesia/5/2005 No No No
A/Indonesia/7/2005 No No No
A/PuertoRico/8/34 Yes No No
A/Swine/Indiana/1726/1988 Yes Yes No
A/Turkey/15/2006 No No No
A/VietNam/1203/2004 Yes No Yes
A/VietNam/3046/2004 Yes No Yes
A/VietNam/3062/2004 Yes No Yes
  1. For pathogenicity, polybasic cleavage was used as a proxy