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Table 2 Genomic Group-specific genome content

From: Extensive genome analysis of Coxiella burnetii reveals limited evolution within genomic groups

Absent from ID in RSA493 Function Absent from ID in RSA493 Function
GGIIa CBU_0584 hypothetical protein GGV CBU_1158 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase
GGIIa CBU_0945 membrane-assoc. protein GGV CBU_1308 phosphohydrolase; HD domain containing
GGIIa CBU_0978 membrane-assoc. protein, T4SS substrate GGV CBU_1460* hypothetical protein; T4SS substrate
GGIIa CBU_1209 membrane-spanning protein GGV CBU_1664 CBS domain protein
GGIIa CBU_1213 ankyrin repeat-containing protein; T4SS substrate GGV CBU_1665 hypothetical protein; T4SS substrate
GGIIa CBU_1404 hypothetical protein GGV CBU_1788 DNA-binding protein, KilA-N
GGIIa CBU_1991 toxin-antitoxin system antitoxin RelB GGV CBU_1800 membrane-spanning protein
GGIIa CBU_1992 toxin-antitoxin system antitoxin RelE GGV CBU_1801 hypothetical protein
GGIIb CBU_0880 hypothetical protein GGV CBU_1802 hypothetical protein
GGIIb CBU_1100 hypothetical protein GGV CBU_1803 hypothetical protein
GGIIb CBU_1103 lytic transglycosylase GGV CBU_1804 LuxR family transcriptional regulator
GGIIb CBU_1111 membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase GGV CBU_1805 LuxR family transcriptional regulator
GGIIb CBU_1112 GIY-YIG catalytic domain protein; endonuclease GGV CBU_1806 hypothetical protein
GGIII CBU_0590 hypothetical protein; T4SS substrate GGV CBU_1895 hypothetical protein
GGIII CBU_0598 ADP compounds hydrolase NudE GGV CBUA0001 helix-turn-helix domain containing protein
GGIII CBU_0686 pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 subunit alpha GGV CBUA0003 cell filamentation protein
GGIII CBU_1710 hypothetical protein GGV CBUA0028 RelE/ParE family toxin
GGIII CBU_1723 protein-disulfide reductase DsbD GGV CBUA0032 3',5'-cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterase
GGIV CBU_0777 hypothetical protein GGV CBUA0033 hypothetical protein
GGIV CBU_0860 hypothetical protein GGV CBUA0036 chromosome partitioning protein
GGIV CBU_1379a hyp. protein; T4SS substrate GGV CBUA0037 ParA protein
GGIV CBU_1618 hypothetical protein GGV CBUA0038 ParB protein
GGIV CBU_2041 PAS domain S-box protein GGV CBUA0039 RepA protein
GGV CBU_0007a BrnT family toxin GGV CBUA0039a hypothetical protein
GGV CBU_0183 hyp. protein; T4SS substrate GGVI CBU_0793 hypothetical protein
GGV CBU_0196 hypothetical protein GGVI CBU_1092 lipoprotein
GGV CBU_0562 hypothetical ATPase GGVI CBU_1466 hypothetical protein
GGV CBU_0705 hypothetical protein GGVI CBU_1822 SodC superoxide dismutase
GGV CBU_0948 hypothetical protein GGVI CBU_1932 hypothetical protein
GGV CBU_0953 amino acid permease GGVI CBUA0024 hypothetical protein
  1. Proteins classed as absent in one GG only by BPGA subset analysis were searched for homologues in the RSA493 reference genome. Genes that have been also been shown to be group specific by Beare et al. [21] are highlighted in bold. The asterisk indicates an immunoreactive protein [65]