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Table 3 Summary of Pan-GWAS results

From: Extensive genome analysis of Coxiella burnetii reveals limited evolution within genomic groups

Trait Total # of associations # of associations with 100% Sensitivity/Specificity Comment
Europe 168 0  
Cow tissue 13 0  
GG I 83 3 Same results for MST16
GG II_all 148 0 Includes MST33,32,18,25
GG IIa only 34 4 Includes MST18 and MST25
GG IIb only 152 8 Includes MST33 and MST32
MST18 24 1  
MST33 110 0  
GG III 215 4 Same results for MST20
GG IV 300 8  
GG V 114 44 Same results for MST21
GG VI 123 123 Same results for Rodent source and MST-DG
  1. SNPs that were associated with a particular trait were obtained using the Scoary script on Roary output data. Traits analyzed were Genomic Group, MST genotype, Country of origin, Continent of origin, Host, Human disease type. Only traits with significant associations (Benjamini_Hochberg_p < 10-3) are reported