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Fig. 2

From: Analysis of the equine “cumulome” reveals major metabolic aberrations after maturation in vitro

Fig. 2

Interaction network of proteins overexpressed in in vitro matured cumulus complexes (interaction confidence: high (> 0.7), database matches n = 116). Enriched KEGG pathways in this group of proteins are metabolic pathways (red nodes, pathway ID 01100; n = 23; false discovery rate 3.6e− 05), aminoacyl-tRNA biosynthesis (blue nodes, pathway ID 00970; n = 5; false discovery rate 0.0006), fatty acid metabolism (green nodes, pathway ID 01212; n = 5; false discovery rate 0.0007) and fatty acid biosynthesis (yellow nodes, pathway ID 00061, n = 2, false discovery rate 0.04)

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