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Table 1 Summary of the proteomics and metabolomics results. The counts of proteins and metabolomic compounds that were quantifiable and the counts that showed different abundances (p < 0.05; fold change (FC) > 2) in the in vitro matured cumulus samples compared to those in the in vivo matured cumulus samples are presented

From: Analysis of the equine “cumulome” reveals major metabolic aberrations after maturation in vitro

Method Quantifiable Different abundance
(p < 0.05; FC > 2)
in vitro
in vitro
Proteomics (proteins) 1811 (1714)a 216 (204)a 95 (86)a 121 (118)a
Metabolomics (compounds) 905 108 (28)b 24 (6)b 84 (22)b
  1. awith unique orthologous human UniProt ID
  2. bwith putative metabolite ID