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Fig. 8

From: Global transcriptome profiling and functional analysis reveal that tissue-specific constitutive overexpression of cytochrome P450s confers tolerance to imidacloprid in palm weevils in date palm fields

Fig. 8

RNAi-based silencing of the selected P450s CYP9Z82, CYP345J1 and CYP6NR1. Mean fold change in P450s expression in fat body tissues estimated by RT-qPCR, from different samples (NI: non-injected, NFW: Nuclease free water- injected, negative control dsRNA-injected and respective P450 dsRNA-injected). (*) represents the statistical significance measured at p < 0.05 and error bars represents SEM. All P450s showed a significant reduction in expression compared to the dsRNA negative control. Representative visual band gel images are provided in the insight. (p < 0.05; one-way ANOVA with LSD)

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