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Fig. 2

From: Genome-wide profiling of the alternative splicing provides insights into development in Plutella xylostella

Fig. 2

Examples of falsely-annotated genes in the DBM genome. a Gene structure of mis-annotated genes. The Iso-seq evident was marked by purple and the RNA-seq evident was marked by blue. The box indicated exons and the solid lines represented introns. b The distribution of Pearson’s correction coefficients by pairwise misannotated genes. c Gene expression pattern analysis of the mis-annotated genes. Heatmap of expression changes along developmental stages was shown by hierarchical clustering. Expression values were calculated as log10FPKM. Abbreviations: egg, first for first-stage larvae, second for second-stage larvae, third for third-stage larvae, 4th_f for female forth-stage larvae, 4th_m for male forth-stage larvae, pupa_f for female pupa, pupa_m for male pupa, adult_f for female adult, and adult_m for male adult

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