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Fig. 4

From: Genome-wide identification and characterization of ABA receptor PYL/RCAR gene family reveals evolution and roles in drought stress in Nicotiana tabacum

Fig. 4

Alignment and conserved motifs of NtPYLs. Amino acid sequence alignment of the 29 NtPYLs and AtPYL2 was performance by ClustalW. a Secondary structural elements are indicated above the primary sequence. Helices and sheets/strands are shown as black helices and arrows, respectively. The four conserved ABA receptor region CL1-CL4 are indicated with red lines. The conserved motifs analysis of the NtPYLs based on their phylogenetic relationship were identified using MEME software. b In left panel, the members of each subfamily are indicated with the same color and different NtPYL subfamilies are represented by the Roman numeral I-III in the phylogenetic tree. In right panel, grey lines represent non-conserved sequences, and colored boxes numbered at the bottom indicate different motifs. The length of motifs in each NtPYL protein is shown proportionally

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