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Table 4 ABA receptor gene family in Nicotiana tabacum and its putative ancestors N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis

From: Genome-wide identification and characterization of ABA receptor PYL/RCAR gene family reveals evolution and roles in drought stress in Nicotiana tabacum

Gene group Gene name Gene ID in database Orthologous gene
Group 1 NtPYL1 Ntab0128790 Ntom0029000
NtPYL2 Ntab0298740 Nsyl0089810
Group 2 NtPYL3 Ntab0331800 LOC104210101
NtPYL4 Ntab0409250 Nsyl0370740
NtPYL5 Ntab0524600 Nsyl0370740
Group 3 NtPYL6 Ntab0746900 Ntom0211600
NtPYL7 Ntab0790100 Nsyl0376280
Group 4 NtPYL8 Ntab0830710 Ntom0261490
NtPYL9 Ntab0986250 Nsyl0312070
Group 5 NtPYL10 Ntab0025750 Nsyl0104080
NtPYL11 Ntab0143100 Ntom0128520
NtPYL12 Ntab0143110 Ntom0128520
Group 6 NtPYL13 Ntab0350690 Ntom0177100
NtPYL14 Ntab0528630 LOC104233805
Group 7 NtPYL15 Ntab0012440 Ntom0046390
NtPYL16 Ntab0764650 Nsyl0435490
Group 8 NtPYL17 Ntab0430230 Nsyl0463960
NtPYL18 Ntab0710100 Ntom0178960
Group 9 NtPYL19 Ntab0177250 Nsyl0203250
NtPYL20 Ntab0568440 LOC104094947
Group 10 NtPYL21 Ntab0424430 LOC104234717
NtPYL22 Ntab0906880 Nsyl0129950
NtPYL23 Ntab0217080 Nsyl0173910
Group 11 NtPYL24 Ntab0010710 Ntom0370050
NtPYL25 Ntab0725950 Nsyl0240040
Group 12 NtPYL26 Ntab0504840 Nsyl0402820
NtPYL27 Ntab0868560 Ntom0349510
Group 13 NtPYL28 Ntab0282050 LOC104247806
NtPYL29 Ntab0734960 LOC104091385
  1. Orthologous genes from N. tomentosiformis were labeled in italic
  2. NtPYL4 and NtPYL5 in group 2 share the same putative ancestor (marked with underline) from N. sylvestris. NtPYL11 and NtPYL12 in group 5 share the same putative ancestor (marked with underline) from N. tomentosiformis