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Fig. 5

From: Small, but surprisingly repetitive genomes: transposon expansion and not polyploidy has driven a doubling in genome size in a metazoan species complex

Fig. 5

The repetitive content of the five Brachionus genomes presented here (black points) compared to animal genomes (grey points, n = 59, p = 0.0202, R2 = 0.075) with less than 500 Mbp 1C genome size and their repeat content or transposable element content estimates. All data from [3]. Brachionus 1C genome estimates were calculated assuming diploidy (i.e. genome size/2). Labels next to the Brachionus points indicate species names (Br = B. rotundiformis, Bt = B. sp. ‘Tiscar’, Bp = B. plicatilis, Bc = B. calyciflorus, Ba = B. asplanchnoidis)

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