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Fig. 5

From: Synchronous profiling and analysis of mRNAs and ncRNAs in the dermal papilla cells from cashmere goats

Fig. 5

LncRNAs serve as ceRNAs. a XR_310320.3 functions as ceRNAs to upregulate HOXC8. b XR_001295577.2, XR_311077.2 and other eight lncRNAs function as ceRNAs to upregulate RSPO1. Circle represents mRNAs, square represents lncRNAs and triangle represents miRNAs. Yellow color indicates upregulated transcripts and blue color represent downregulated transcripts. LncRNAs were assumed to specifically sponge miRNAs to relief their suppressive roles on targeted mRNAs expression. The targeted relationship of miRNAs with mRNAs/lncRNAs were predicted using miRanda

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