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Fig. 4

From: The initiation of puberty in Atlantic salmon brings about large changes in testicular gene expression that are modulated by the energy status

Fig. 4

Protein-protein interaction map for candidates found in pubertal males exposed to the restricted feed ration. The interaction network was generated using STRING database v10.5 (default settings; medium confidence of 0.4). A total number of 27 candidate genes was considered for the analysis. Proteins are represented as nodes, and lines indicate associations based on known functional interactions in zebrafish (see right bottom corner). The network is significantly enriched in interactions (P < 1.0E-16 at the α level of 0.05, FDR < 0.05). Red, purple and green nodes indicate proteins involved in Carbon, Purine and Pyrimidine metabolism, respectively. Nodes encircled in red color represent additional Carbon metabolism-associated proteins known in mammals (but not yet in zebrafish)

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