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Table 2 Ion channel genes missing in the zebra finch genome

From: Exploring the molecular basis of neuronal excitability in a vocal learner

HGNC Symbol Alternate names Full name
Missing in finches
 BEST2 VMD2L1 bestrophin 2
Missing in Passeriformes
 CATSPER2 SPGF7, CATSPER cation channel sperm associated 2
 BEST4 VMD2L2 bestrophin 4
 CLCA1 CaCC1 chloride channel accessory 1
 CLCA2 CaCC3 chloride channel accessory 2
 CLCA4 CaCC2 chloride channel accessory 4
Missing in Neognathae
 CATSPERG C19orf15 cation channel sperm associated auxiliary subunit G
 CATSPER1   cation channel sperm associated 1
 CATSPER4   cation channel sperm associated 4
 CLIC1 CL1C1 chloride intracellular channel 1
Missing in all birds
 CACNG6   calcium voltage-gated channel auxiliary subunit gamma 6
 LRRC8E   leucine rich repeat containing 8 VRAC subunit E
Unique to mammals
 SCN7A Nav2.1, Nav2.2, SCN6A sodium channel, voltage-gated, type VII alpha subunit
 CATSPERZ TEX40, C11orf20 catsper channel auxiliary subunit zeta
 CLCNKA or CLCNKB CLCK1, ClC-K1; CLCKB, ClC-K2 chloride voltage-gated channel K A or B