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Fig. 2

From: Comprehensive transcriptomic view of the role of the LGALS12 gene in porcine subcutaneous and intramuscular adipocytes

Fig. 2

Validation of the RNA-Seq data by qRT-PCR analysis. a, c The expression patterns of PTGS2, ADIPOQ, PLIN1, PLIN4, FABP3, FABP5, SLC27A2, RNASEL, FOXO1, CMKLR1, ADRB1 and HTR2A genes derived from the RNA-Seq. b, d RT-qPCR data of genes in porcine adipocytes after treatment with LGALS12-siRNA showed similar trends in gene expression profile to those obtained by RNA-Seq. The data are expressed as the means ± SE from 3 measurements, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, compared with the NC group

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